Federal Resumes vs. Private Sector Resumes


There’s a huge difference between the two. My padre works for an Air Force base on A-10s–yes, it’s cool. That’s what becoming an engineer can do. Anyway, I remember when he was writing up his resume and seeing two or three pages worth of experience and painstaking detail of his experience.

Years later I’ve been taught to squish my resume into a single page and get the facts out as fast as possible so that an HR dude can ask me to “elaborate on what you learned at your last position.” Well, according to Military.com’s article that can be found HERE says that the difference between the two is Federal vs. Private Sector requirements.

So don’t get tunnel vision when writing/designing your resume–look at what the position is and be sure to research into it. Nothing beats having someone to talk to within the organization itself. Use LinkedIn (research the most current way to break the ice before you go annoying people) and find someone who will talk to you about how they got the job. If you do find someone who’ll talk to you and answer your questions–buy them a beer. If that’s not possible, make sure you send them a thank you email.

I’m off, gotta go write an enormously detailed resume for my future government job.


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I'm a student at USU majoring in Technical & Professional writing.
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