The Army’s XM25 Does What?

XM25 looks like a barrel of fun to a former infantryman. Just looking at it makes me wonder if I got out of there a bit too hastily.

What can you do with an XM25, I’m glad I asked that, because there’s a bunch of reasons to have one of these. Blow things up, blow up barriers, shoot air-bursts over enemies as they crouched behind cover, run your own fireworks for the 4th next year, scare the pants off potential threats, react to contact with a bang, all kinds of reasons… it wouldn’t be very easy to conceal carry though. also gives us the following information about the Punisher’s inner-mechanics:

The futuristic looking XM25 fires a “smart” High Explosive Airburst round out to around 600 meters. The smart round is a “counter defilade” round, designed to blast enemy infantry taking cover behind walls, cars, in trenches as well as enemy fighters dumb enough to be standing out in the open. The Army calls the weapon a “leap ahead” technology.

The XM25 uses a laser rangefinder to target the enemy, then the weapon’s micro-computer accounts for air pressure, temperature and the 25mm round’s ballistics, feeds that information to a microchip in the round itself programming it to detonate directly over the target. With a 600 meter effective range, it would provide small teams greatly enhanced lethality well beyond that of rifles and machine guns. The Army claims that tests showed the XM25 with the high-explosive round is 300 percent more lethal than current squad level weapons.

Read more — Kit Up!

That means that small cover might not be cover anymore… out to 600 meters. That’s not just reaching out and touching someone–that’s reaching out and punching them in the face. With a grenade.

Thanks to’s other article on this, I’ve learned that this grew out of the XM29 (OICW) project. You might remember way back in the day seeing a picture that looked something like this. This is the weapon that later had the imaging system so the soldier (hypothetically) could put the weapon around a corner and look at the enemy from the screen jammed against his one eye.

Army's XM29

You’ll notice there’s a wee little M4 carbine tucked under that arcade system of a weapon. They took that out on the XM25–running around with 14lbs of gun (what the XM25 weighs) is probably already pushing the limits of “comfort.”

And both of these, hopefully, will eventually lead to this guy.

Future Warrior Project

Maybe not, in fact… I have no idea what this guy is doing, but that helmet looks kind of funny. I vaguely remember that the uniform administers first-aid, pain-killers, and is capable of tourniquet-ing any of the extremities all on its own. Nice try, future warrior project, but I think the XM25 wins the “cool” contest.


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