Beeman Silver Kodiak 2 and Awesome Airguns on YouTube

I grew up with BB guns. Shot them in my garage until I was bold enough to go out back and shoot cans. I took them camping, hiking, and always had one or two when I went out to my grandma’s farm.

I didn’t know we even made a caliber bigger than a .177 until one day my brother-in-law busted out an old .22 caliber rifle. My mind was blown.

There was a case of old Army artifacts at the Pentagon–in it was the air rifle Lewis and/or Clark carried on their journey West. (They were both officers in the Army Corp of Discovery.) I always thought it was cool, but I didn’t know much else about it. Take a quick scan through this video and be edified.

Is that not awesome? Turns out they could waste suckers quick with the 20 round magazine and that quick little flick that loaded in a new pellet.

Finding Fieldsports Britain and Ted’s Holdover

So a new world of airguns was opened to me–and I thought a .22 would be the best place to start. I also didn’t want to spend more than $99, and I didn’t want to order it online… and I’m pretty lazy.

I was at Wal-mart and I saw the Beeman Silver Kodiak 2–IT COMES WITH TWO BARRELS! I can have .177 AND .22 caliber rifles in one rifle. Sa-weet! Oh, and it came with a scope. Best part, $99.

So I bought it. I had to order .22 caliber pellet because Wally world didn’t have any in stock, but I only cried for like 20 minutes.

Like I said, it was a whole new world. Where had all these airguns gone? The answer is apparently the United Kingdom. Enter Fieldsports Britain. Charlie Jacoby and the rest of these British bad-asses regularly pop rabbits and squirrels with air rifles. How about some thermal optics to go with your air rifles? Yeah, they’ve got that.

Fieldsports Britain has some of the best content I’ve seen on YouTube, and I’ve seen more than a few. At least three… I haven’t really kept track. The narration is quick and punchy with great shots (both camera and rifle, most of the time it’s both).

Somehow, this led me to the discovery of Ted’s Holdover.

I have no idea where Ted came from, but I imagine it’s green, the breeze is light, and the air rifles are literally magical–that’s the only explanation I can come up with. There’s no reason he should be this amazing at shooting with an air rifle, pneumatic or not. The guy is a wizard.

If you’ve ever shot an air rifle, that title alone should leave you in awe. I’m telling you, the guy has supernatural abilities. I realize that rifle is magic all on its own, but saying it’s the rifle is like saying you could hand an M-21 sniper rifle system to an accountant and get perfect shots at half a mile. This is more like giving a Delta Force operator… well, anything–they’ll kill you with anything.

Do yourself a favor and watch a few of his videos and take notes.

Looking forward to slinging some lead

Back to my Silver Kodiak. I haven’t been able to shoot much with it. I can plink cans out to about 50 yards with relative consistency, but I haven’t had any time to really go out and do some shooting yet.

Still gotta find out what I can shoot and when out here in Colorado. Sure wish I had a field full of Jackrabbits like back in Utah. At some point though, if I have about $3000 to spend on a rifle I might get one to shoot at Coyotes or deer or something. These new rifles coming from Daystate, FX, and the rest are amazing.

That’s it, thanks for reading.


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I'm a student at USU majoring in Technical & Professional writing.
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