What an excellent opportunity this State Farm internship has been already. A big company that’s taking big strides and has an awesome set of values. I’m on a virtual team, and I’m getting some great experience.

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Three semesters to go

I’ve learned a great deal this past year beginning with an introduction to Adobe’s Creative Suite. After that I drew up a brochure to showcase some of my InDesign skills. Once that was finished I went on to get an in-depth look at writing grant proposals, and after that I wrote a set of instructions for WikidPad and completed a usability study on it–which achieved some very good results! Lastly, I wrote a basic screencast for Adobe’s Widget Browser.

All of these items can be found in my Writing Samples page. My resume is up as well as my Writing Philosophy. If you’d like to know more about myself there’s also an About Me page to check out. I’m currently working on my own website and I hope to feature some of the fishing and outdoor fun I have, and some technical reviews as well.

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